21 Photos Throughout Newport & Bristol Counties That Have Us Daydreaming of Spring

As Winter slowly but surely comes to a close we can’t help but find ourselves daydreaming of Spring. Both bright and lavish, equinox throughout Newport & Bristol County is anything but dull.


trinity steeple magnolia early spring_credit Discover Newport-0525
Trinity Church, Newport
Linden Place Mansion, Bristol
jamestown crDiscoverNewport-5
tiverton meeting house sign_credit LIsa Palmer
The Meeting House, Tiverton
perry statue washington square_credit Discover Newport-0855
Washington Square, Newport
touro park ALT_credit Discover Newport
Touro Park, Newport
bristol rose garden crDiscoverNewport
Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum, Bristol
tennis hall of fame lawn_credit Discover Newport
International Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport
Rosecliff Mansion, Newport
blithewold daffodils path_credit Discover Newport
Blithewold Mansion, Garden & Arboretum, Bristol


daffodils queen anne's_credit Discover Newport-3917
Queen Anne Square, Newport
Art Museum 4_credit Discover Newport
Newport Art Museum, Newport
St. Mary's_credit Discover Newport
Saint Mary’s Church, Newport
Patio at Vanderbilt Grace, Newport
perry mill market_credit Discover Newport
Perry Mill Market, Newport
bowens ferry landing_credit Discover Newport-8406
Bellevue Ave Summer
Bellevue Avenue, Newport
Great Friends credit_Discover Newport
Great Friends Meeting House, Newport
Crocus 2 cr_discover newport
White Horse Tavern, Newport

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